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Artisan Coaches Will help your teams by

Role Alignment

We'll help your team figure out these new roles in Scrum, Kanban, or XP. What does a manager do? What's the responsibility of a Scrum Master? When the roles are used correctly, the team works more effectively.

Consistency Without Complexity

Teams frequently display behaviors that make it very difficult to get work done in a consistent and predictable manner. Our coaches will help your teams strip away the excess complexity, learn new habits, and create a predictable cadence for your development efforts.

Teams That Can Do the Work

The best teams are the ones that have the skills they need to get the job done and, when they don't have the skills, know how to deal with the problem. We'll teach your teams how to work together to create the skills balance they need, all the time, to get the job done.

Teams With a Charter

Too often, teams are "created" by getting people together in a room and announcing that they are a team. Real teams need ground rules, working agreements, and more. Our coaches will help you define an approach for properly chartering ANY team.

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