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Artisan Coaches Will help your teams Understand...

Product Ownership

Owning a product is a whole new concept. Product Owners frequently find themselves thrust into a role they don't completely understand. Artisan coaches will help your Product Owners work closely with your development teams and create clear, effective, and user-centric Product Backlog Items with a business value focus. 

Being a Scrum Master

Being a Scrum Master is a difficult job. It is rarely properly understood how the role works and how powerful a great Scrum Master can be at helping teams become truly INSPIRED. Our coaches will help your Scrum Masters understand how to be a great servant leader, how to help teams and organizations be super-effective and how to have fun while doing it.

Agile Leadership

Managing and leading in an Agile organization takes new skills and an understanding of complex adaptive systems created by self-organizing teams. Artisan coaches will help your management team understand how to be successful in a way that leverages the innate power of your development teams that Agile Development helps to release.

Teams With a Charter

Too often, teams are "created" by getting people together in a room and announcing that they are a team. Real teams need ground rules, working agreements, and more. Our coaches will help you define an approach for properly chartering ANY team.

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