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About Us

Who is Artisan?

Artisan Software Consulting was founded in 2009 by Jim and Donna Schiel. After having worked for private companies for 24 years, Jim and Donna had worked in a lot of places that were, simply, toxic environments for the employees. Long hours, constantly shifting priorities. A lot of stuff happened, but not a lot of valuable work got done. As a result, Jim and Donna saw many instances of worn-out, exhausted, frustrated, and just TIRED people. Good people (employees AND management) who got overrun by the organization for whom they worked. Artisan Software Consulting was founded to use the skills learned during those 24 years to bring common sense and focus to as many organizations as we can touch.


What Does Artisan Do?

Artisan uses skills acquired over many years of actual experience to help organizations create INSPIRED TEAMS, AMAZING PRODUCTS, and PASSIONATE LEADERS. We do this by using techniques curated from technologies, frameworks, and methodologies including: Lean Startup, Lean Development, Agile Development, Servant Leadership, and Common Sense. 

Nice words, right? But what do they actually mean?

  • INSPIRED TEAMS - imagine a team that has a purpose, a focus, and a lot of energy to get things done. We know why teams are tired, uninspired, and unengaged. We can help you change this...permanently!
  • AMAZING PRODUCTS - many products today never achieve their unique selling proposition because they aren't focused on the value they need to achieve. There's more emotion than business logic involved in making decisions. We can help you get your product development focused on high value, high quality!
  • PASSIONATE LEADERS - managers are taught to manage, not lead (and employees frequently aren't taught leadership skills at all!). We can help you create leaders, not only in management, but on your development teams. Passionate leaders...leaders that can inspire your teams, improve quality and value, and make things happen!

We've done it many times. It's what we do. Let us help you!


Let Us Help You create an amazing organization!