Have you just taken on the role of a new Product Owner? Well, here's some advice I'd offer to you as you get started learning the ropes....

  1. Agile Product Management by Roman Pichler. No, Roman doesn't give me a royalty for each sale of this book attributable to me; it's just a good book. Get it!
  2. Learn as much as you can about the product, the business plan, the vision, and the business assumptions that qualify the product for development. Identify your stakeholders and start talking with them ASAP about what they want and WHY they want it.
  3. Build a whole new backlog or reassess the current one. Identify business value of all items and make that the Scrum team(s) size the items so you can properly order the backlog.
  4. Communicate a lot. Visit your teams continuously. Stay out of solutioning, that's the team's job. Negotiate acceptance criteria. Build based on what you know is valuable. Make sure your end users and customers are frequently consulted.

I'll add more as time permits. If you have a good addition, just leave a comment and let me know.

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