Title: Business Agility With Enterprise Scrum
Description:  The objective for this course is to provide a detailed understanding of both Business Agility and Enterprise Scrum and how to use Enterprise Scrum to create and execute an appropriate business model canvas to speed up innovation while improving the customer experience and employee collaboration.
Length of Course:

2 Days

Mode of Course: 

Classroom, in-person training with embedded workshops and exercises

Class Size:

6-20 students

Course Content:
  1. Introduction
  2. Business Agility
    • Transformations
    • Forces of Change - Markets, Technology, Social Pressures
  3. Enterprise Scrum
    • The framework
    • Configuration options
    • Implementation and adaptation
    • Canvases
      • Software development & Scaled software development
      • Marketing & Sales
      • Hardware
      • Portfolio management
      • Human resources
      • more...
  4. Using Enterprise Scrum for Innovation
  5. Advanced Enterprise Scrum

(when necessary, the course can also be customized for your specific requirements)

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